What is NeonGrid and how does it work?
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Credits help people find you
Credit your work posted
across the web
to create a central
profile of everything you've done
Your profile
your work and
who you've
worked with
Your credits will
be added to the
list of credits
for that work
All this helps you be found
Frequently Asked Questions
Here are a few frequently asked questions. For the full FAQ go here
What type of work can I credit myself on?
Currently, you may add your credits to anything that can be found on YouTube, Vimeo, iTunes, or IMDb. This includes music videos, commercials, shorts, tv shows, films, songs, webisodes, podcasts, and more.
Can I have more than one credit on a work?
Yes. You may credit yourself for as many roles as you actually performed on a work
What is a tagged credit?
A tagged credit is one that you send to a colleague. It is just like tagging a photo. While your credits are displayed on your profile, you can verify them by tagging credits to colleagues. Verifying credits get them into NeonGrid search results and attaches a "verified" badge to them, which helps hirers and collaborators find you and know that your credits are verified.
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