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"It's like IMDb but for all my work already on YouTube and Vimeo"
"I work on commercials, music videos, and web people can find me through my tags"
"I can tag myself and the people I work with no matter where my work is posted or who posted it"
Common Questions
What is NeonGrid?
NeonGrid is the first content-based resume platform for creative professionals. NeonGrid members
tag roles they performed on projects posted to the web, and tag colleagues they've worked with.
What is a tag?
A tag is a label you apply to work or content online. It is just like tagging a photo on Facebook,
but with both your name and the role or roles you played in the creation of that content.
What type of work can I tag myself on?
You can tag any content that can be found on YouTube, Vimeo, iTunes, IMDb or other similar
websites. This includes music videos, commercials, shorts, tv shows, films, songs, webisodes,
podcasts, and more.
Can I have more than one tag on a work?
Yes. You can tag as many roles as you actually performed on a work.
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